Sunday, June 30, 2013


Hello, my name is German. I was born in Hood River, OR. I am currently in my 6th year at OSU. I am pursuing a major in Pre- Physical Therapy. My hobbies are playing soccer, drawing, and swimming. This is my fifth year being a mentor for the Oregon Migrant Leadership Institute. I am excited to see the changes these students will make after attending the institute, and the growth they will endure throughout the week.


Hello everyone,

It's your boy Dougie. It's a long story; it's a persona I have take upon myself. I enjoy working with teenagers. I was a confused teen, and now I'm working with teenagers. 
Teaching is most likely a big option in the future. I love to dance. I don't feel scared, awkward, or embarrassed. I just pick a random spot to dance. OMLI is a great program to work with. I'm very blessed to work with individuals who are leaders in their community. So if you see me dancing, don't stop and stare. I want you to stop and dance along. 

Bear Chaves

PictureHi, my name is Bear Ch├íves. I am bilingual, and very happy to be OMLI’s mascot. My personality is ferocious.  I may be little, but I have a big personality. My hobbies are walking, sleeping, eating, barking and playing with my brother Cash. My pet peeves are when people imitate or tease me. My saying is” find the potential in yourself”. I can’t wait to meet everyone! See you soon!

Check out my Where I Am From poem below.


I have worked with OMLI in some capacity since it began at OSU.  The past few years, I have done the writing and technology component.  I enjoy sharing writing and technology resources and watching participants record their experiences and reflections.  This year we are doing video production on iPads for the first time, so I am excited to give this a try.   It is also always a pleasure to work with the dedicated staff!

Here's a link to my blog where I share and explore technology and education resources.