Saturday, July 13, 2013


PictureWelcome to Oregon State University! ¡Bienvenidos a OSU!  I would like to welcome you to the growing OMLI family.  This is going to be your home for the next week.  I am very happy to be part of your family.  This week, you will meet new people and discover new things that will enhance your learning.  Try to take as much advantage as possible of this learning opportunity.

Friday, July 12, 2013


Picture Jonathan is the Oregon State Migrant Education Director.  All of the staff gives him a big thank you for his support to OMLI.


I was born in Zacatecas, Mexico but have been living in the US for over 20 years. I have been married for 5 years now and have two sons. I graduated from Oregon State University in 2006 with a Bachelors in Business Administration and a focus in Accounting. I am now working with the College Assistance Migrant Program here and love it! I want to welcome all the students to OSU and I hope you enjoy your time here with us.


My name is Greg Contreras.  I am a graduate of Oregon State University in 2008 with a Masters Degree in Counselor Education.  For the past five years, I have been working in a college setting.  Currently I work for the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) at OSU as the Academic Counselor.  It’s a privilege to work for this special program because of the amazing opportunities it brings, such as being involved with the Oregon Migrant Leadership Institute.           

Eder (Team Leader)

¡Hola muchach@s!
Mi nombre es Eder Mondragón Quiroz y soy originario de The Dalles, OR. Me da mucho gusto tener la oportunidad de colaborar con tod@s ustedes este año e impulsarlos hacia el éxito. My hope is that we can help all of you further develop your capacity as leaders of your community and build upon the qualities that already make you a great person.
PictureA little bit about me is that I’ve been at OSU for a total of seven years up until this past June when I graduated from the Contemporary Latin@ Studies program with my
Master’s degree. Now I’m living up in Salem with my partner and I’m gonna be starting work with the Albany school district in August. Some other stuff is that I love doing anything and everything outdoors that gets me moving. Soccer, running, climbing, hiking, mountain biking and I’m currently learning how to surf. Surf’s up brah! When I’m not outside, I like reading books and comics and also playing Xbox (Lo sé, soy un nerd).

Esta semana, tomen el tiempo de demostrar sus habilidades como líderes, desarrollen nuevas amistades y hagan el esfuerzo de crecer a través de los retos que enfrenten e incluso con los nuevos conocimientos que van a conseguir. Espero poder apoyarlos en todo lo que se puede para asegurar que esta semana les rinda mucho. ¡Ánimo y adelante muchach@s!

Sunday, July 7, 2013



Picture Energetic, encouraging, and includor are some of the qualities I can offer as a OMLI staff. I look forward to my second year to mentor some the the young future leaders. I will work hard to motivate and enlighten the  students of my experiences as a  first year college student. As a college student here at Oregon State University I have tips and advice that will help the students look at college in a different perspective. I want students to look at college as an investment to have a brighter future and as a high school student now is the best time for some guidance. Again I look forward to spending time and getting to know all of you as a friend and a mentee.      


Greetings my fellow readers!
My name is David and I am a staff member for the Oregon Migrant Leadership Institute (OMLI). I am from many places and have been at OSU for a while now. I enjoy playing basketball with friends and random people. I also like to watch movies. Any movie is good as long as there is not too much singing. If there is too much signing and I've watched half of it I have to finish it.


Hello world :)! My name is Esmeralda Flores. My hometown is Aloha, Oregon I am going to be entering my sophomore year here at Oregon State University this fall.
I am super excited to be working with all you future leaders at OMLI. I am ready to learn along side all of you because this year will be my first year working with OMLI. So far I am loving it. Be prepared to laugh when you are around me because i love making people happy and smile :D! My nickname is "Muscles Glasses"
Learn more about me by watching this Educreations I made


Hola estudiantes de OMLI mi nombre is Francisco Flores, soy de McMinnville, OR. Estoy en mi cuarto año aqui en OSU. I'm studying Human Development and Family Sciences with an option in Human Services and a Minor in Sociology. I want to work with either Minority Students or Troubled Youth. 

Me gusta jugar deportes de todos tipos, my favorite sport is soccer and I am always down to play rain or shine. I'm also really into longboarding. I like to bomb hills and I am trying to learn how to slide and do tricks.Tambien me gusta mucho la musica, I listen to all sorts of music from country to rap/hip-hop and lately I have been more into Dupstep and House music. 

I am looking forward to working with all the students from around the state. I am really looking forward to connecting with the students since we have similar backgrounds  I can answer all questions about college and the life of a college student.      Also I am very open person and I'm here to listen and give advice to help you guys be more comfortable about college and your future after high school. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Picture Hola amigos. I am a student of Oregon State University studying Interior Design. I am the first one of my family to attend college furthermore University. I transferred from Chemeketa Community College.  There I was part of CAMP (College Assistance Migrant Program).  Now, I will be joining the CAMP family here at OSU. I am very thrilled to be helping at the Oregon Migrant Leadership Institute. I enjoy working with young spirited Latinos students; there's nothing more rewarding for a mentor than to know that students are succeeding and following their dreams.

I want to welcome you to an experience that will be life changing.  0=}

Gabby G

Hey everyone my name is Gabby Garcia.  I'm a junior at OSU.  My major is Public Health with a minor in Spanish.  I'm from Newberg,  OR.  I lived there my whole life until I came to OSU.  Some of my hobbies are making ceramics, scrapbooking, shopping (of course), and dancing (balies).  I'm a mentor because I care about my Migrant and Hispanic community and love seeing students of my background reach their goals.

I look forward to meeting all of you and helping you in anyway I can :)

FUN FACTS:  I can touch my nose with my tongue, favorite color is blue, favorite accessory is shoes, and I have a fear of semi trucks (scary), and my favorite drink is Coke.  Favorite leadership quote: "Leaders aren't born, they are made, and they are made just like anything else, through hard work." 

Sunday, June 30, 2013


Hello, my name is German. I was born in Hood River, OR. I am currently in my 6th year at OSU. I am pursuing a major in Pre- Physical Therapy. My hobbies are playing soccer, drawing, and swimming. This is my fifth year being a mentor for the Oregon Migrant Leadership Institute. I am excited to see the changes these students will make after attending the institute, and the growth they will endure throughout the week.


Hello everyone,

It's your boy Dougie. It's a long story; it's a persona I have take upon myself. I enjoy working with teenagers. I was a confused teen, and now I'm working with teenagers. 
Teaching is most likely a big option in the future. I love to dance. I don't feel scared, awkward, or embarrassed. I just pick a random spot to dance. OMLI is a great program to work with. I'm very blessed to work with individuals who are leaders in their community. So if you see me dancing, don't stop and stare. I want you to stop and dance along. 

Bear Chaves

PictureHi, my name is Bear Cháves. I am bilingual, and very happy to be OMLI’s mascot. My personality is ferocious.  I may be little, but I have a big personality. My hobbies are walking, sleeping, eating, barking and playing with my brother Cash. My pet peeves are when people imitate or tease me. My saying is” find the potential in yourself”. I can’t wait to meet everyone! See you soon!

Check out my Where I Am From poem below.


I have worked with OMLI in some capacity since it began at OSU.  The past few years, I have done the writing and technology component.  I enjoy sharing writing and technology resources and watching participants record their experiences and reflections.  This year we are doing video production on iPads for the first time, so I am excited to give this a try.   It is also always a pleasure to work with the dedicated staff!

Here's a link to my blog where I share and explore technology and education resources.